Engage with us through God’s word in the Bible

Visiting Us

Our Sunday Services

We meet @ 9AM & 11AM at Wagga Wagga Christian College.

At our 9am & 11am church meetings there’s a bunch of people; workers, students, families, retirees, people of all ages who gather to hear from the Bible, pray to our God and sing together.

We include the kids in learning from God’s word with a kid’s talk before the children head off to learn more in their different age groups at kid’s church. At the 9am & 11am we have kid’s church groups for preschoolers (from age 2-5yrs) and primary school (school years K-4).  We also run a youth program for kids in school, years 5-8 during the sermon in both morning services.  There is a Parents and Babies Room available to right side of the stage in the main church hall, where parents can care for their babies.

We have a short break (as the children leave the main service) when adults can chat with those sitting near them or grab a tea or coffee.  We then continue our gathering as adults to learn from God’s word, pray and sing together for the remainder of the service.

What to expect

Dress like you would at the shops. Talk like you would at home. We really want you to forget about what other people think and simply engage with God’s word in the Bible.


There’s ample parking at Wagga Christian College (401 Kooringal Rd). As you drive in there’ll be signs telling you you’re at the right place. We meet in the main hall to the left of the car park.


As you walk into the venue, there will be people who welcome you at the door who’ll say hello. You will be given an outline as you enter which will tell you what we will do in the meeting including the parts of the Bible we’ll be looking at. There’s usually time to grab a coffee or tea before the meeting starts.


There’s no seats or special rows for certain people. Please sit where you feel comfortable.

At some point in the meeting, someone will read a part of the Bible. Don’t worry if you don’t have one; you can either just listen along or there’ll be some Bibles on the back table that you can use – and take home if you don’t have one.

Singing & Standing

During our meetings, we stand to sing, to celebrate God’s goodness and mercy to us in Jesus. You don’t have to sing if you don’t want to, though we hope you find yourself humming along with the tune, and agreeing with the words being sung.


Our meetings usually go for about an hour and a quarter. Rather than leaving straight away, people at Wagga Wagga Evangelical Church usually hang around and chat with each other. Some catch up for lunch or dinner after too.


Before you leave, we’d love to know that you came – and we’d love to know what you thought. We have a Welcome Table at the back of church.  Please take a Welcome Pack which gives you more information about WWEC.  We have Care & Connect cards – if you feel comfortable to do so, please fill one out to tell us you came and give us any feedback. We’d love to chat with you about what brought you along to church and how you found your time with us.

Where to find us

Wagga Wagga Christian College

401 Kooringal Rd, Wagga Wagga, NSW,  2650

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