Safe Ministry is an essential part in providing a safe environment at WWEC as we work together to grow God’s family.

Safe Church

At Wagga Wagga Evangelical Church one of the things that we are committed to is the care of all members of our church with the same love and care that God has for each of them.

To ensure all people are respected and valued in our Christian community we have a Safe Church Policy and associated procedures.  Click on the link (at right) to the ‘Code of Conduct, Policies & Procedures’ page to access all relevant documents. By implementing safe ministry processes we seek to minimise the risk of abuse, misconduct and the misuse of positional power.

Under these processes we ensure we have safe leaders.  Leaders who are appropriately recruited and then well trained to work with specified members of our church family.

We work to ensure we have safe programs.  Programs are developed to ensure that vulnerable people (including children, families, the disabled and elderly) are cared and provided for within our programs. 

We are committed to ensuring we have safe environments.  Our WHS Officer works with ministry team leaders to ensure our programs and events are safe and appropriate for those attending.

We are committed to embedding a safe culture. We have Safe Ministry Contacts – people you can speak to confidentially if you have concerns relating to the safety/mistreatment or inappropriate behaviour of a person at WWEC. Our Safe Ministry Contacts will listen and assist to address your concern.

While we are a church family – brought together because of God’s love for us and our desire to love and serve him – we take seriously our legal, management, and ethical responsibilities, to care for and protect others.  In doing so people may know the love God has for each one of us, expressed ultimately through his Son, Jesus.

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