Bible Study Groups

Bible Study Groups

Our Bible Study Groups are all about the christian family doing life together in God’s Word. Maturing as a Christian means growing to be more like Jesus, both as individuals and together as his church. The key way we grow together is through the reading, teaching and application of the Bible to our daily lives. Everyone is encouraged to be involved in two key aspects of our church life together where this happens: by being part of church service each week & being a member of a weekly Bible study group.

For many people at Wagga Evangelical Church, being a part of a Bible study group is one of the best experiences of being a Christian. They’re the first port of call for pastoral care at Wagga Evangelical Church. Therefore, being a committed member of a group is the best way to be served and (perhaps more importantly) to serve others as well.

We want you to be in a group that works for you. Our experience is that choosing a group based on which Sunday service you attend is a good place to start. That way, you’re likely to see the same group of people at least twice a week. Each of our Bible Study groups typically look at the part of the Bible that we are also preaching through in our Sunday teaching program. This helps people to get the most out of our Sunday services as well as being able to dig deeper with others into the part of the Bible we are looking at, by being easily able to ask questions and apply God’s truth into your life.

We have groups meeting on most weeknights all across Wagga Wagga. There are mixed groups, a men’s groups and women’s groups.  There is a weekday mixed group.  There are two weekday women’s group (Wednesday & Friday) with creche. Please click here for current Bible Study groups.  If you would like to join a Bible study group please contact


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