Mission Partners

Mission Partners


The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC) is a fellowship of churches and pastors across Australia. These churches are committed to praying for one another and continuing to promote planting of evangelical churches throughout Australia. Their pastors seek to provide support and encouragement to one another. The FIEC began in 2002 when a small group of evangelical pastors had the simple aim of encouraging one another to proclaim Christ and plant more churches across Australia. In 2018, there are over 30 member churches across Australia [of which Wagga Wagga Evangelical Church is one]. The FIEC is aiming, with God’s help, to plant 100 churches across Australia during the next 15 years.

For more information go to http://www.fiec.org.au/


Scott and Wendy Mackenzie moved to Singleton in 2009 to lead a church plant. They have been sharing Jesus with the locals as well as with the transient mining population, seeking to grow people in Christ. Wagga Wagga Evangelical partners in this ministry, by praying for and providing money to the Church. Peter Blanch is a part of their Board of Reference. You can find out more about Singleton Evangelical church here: http://www.singletonchurch.org


The vision of the Overseas Council of Australia is to provide churches in the developing world with the leadership they need. Strategically, OCA focuses on supporting theological colleges in the developing world, to train a steady supply of competent leaders to ensure the church matures in line with the Word of God in a way that is sensitive to the local context.

At Wagga Evangelical church we have a wonderful opportunity to partner with the church in the developing world by assisting with the training of leaders. Currently we support a number of students at the Madras Theological College in India.


Universities in Australia are full of students who are poised to make life-changing decisions about what they believe and where they are heading. AFES [Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students] works in this God-given window of opportunity to reach students for Christ.

Wagga Wagga Evangelical partners in this ministry locally with the student group on campus at Charles Sturt University, by praying for and giving money to the AFES staff workers as well as to the Christian Student Body “Christian Fellowship”.


Wagga Wagga Evangelical Church helps resource Special Religious Education (SRE) in our local area. SRE gives students in NSW a safe place to explore and discover the Bible’s answers to the big questions of life. As a partner church locally we provide volunteers to teach in local schools and contribute financially to the ministry as a whole.


Cameron and Lara Blair both became christians while they were studying at university in the early 1990’s. Their own experience of life was that those years after school were crucial for making life’s big decisions. The Blair’s have seen that Cambodian students don’t have the same opportunities to hear about Jesus on campus as they did. They have moved their family to Cambodia on a mission to help reach the thousands of students at the dozens of universities in Cambodia, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Wagga Evangelical Church supports the Blairs financially and in prayer. You can find out more about the Blairs at: http://blairs.id.au/author/cameronfeva-org/


Voice of the Martyrs exists to help, love and encourage persecuted Christians by providing Bibles, ministry resources, medical aid, practical assistance and advocacy. They actively support Christians who are being persecuted for their faith and involvement in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a hostile environment. Not only does VOM help victims, but by telling the testimony of persecuted Christians, they challenge and strengthen the faith of God’s people everywhere. Wagga Evangelical church regularly prays for and financially supports the Voice of the Martyrs organisation.

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