Our staff team is led by Peter Blanch who took on the role of Pastor in 2007 when the Church was planted.

Our Ministry Team

It’s Everyone!

At Wagga Wagga Evangelical Church, the Ministry Team is never just the paid staff and pastors. We believe that Jesus has given every Christian the gifts and opportunities to serve (minister) to their fellow Christians and to the community around them. We see this happening at Wagga Wagga Evangelical Church week-in and week-out as people express love to one another, pray for one-another, serve, provide, train and teach.

Wagga Wagga Evangelical Church is a church where everyone is a part of the ministry team.

Pastoral Staff

Our staff team is led by Peter Blanch, took on the role of Pastor in 2007 when the Church was planted. Over the years, we’ve invested in more pastors to help us grow God’s family together. Each of our Pastoral staff are responsible for helping our church family grow in Christ together:

Stephen Cox is our membership Pastor – helping us all express our fellowship in Christ.

Stephen is also our ministry Pastor – helping us all serve Jesus and his people with humility and conviction.

Tim Flint is our Mission Pastor – helping us all proclaim the gospel of Jesus to the world.

Peter Blanch is our Maturity Pastor – helping us all deepen our faith by knowing God better through Jesus.

Ministry Trainees (MTS)

We aim as a Church family to take on a ministry trainee regularly. MTS (the Ministry Training Strategy) is an Australian movement that seeks to raise up future generations of gospel workers by inviting them to do hands-on ministry with a trainer for 2 years before going onto full-time theological education.

We believe that Wagga Wagga Evangelical Church should rightly feel a responsibility to encourage young Christians to seriously consider a life-time of paid full-time ministry.

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