Examine the claims and evidence for Jesus…..seriously!

Jesus Seriously?!

When it comes to finding out about God, Jesus and what a christian is – there some people who want to hear it all laid out simply; there are others who want to ask all their own questions; and still others who want to just listen in and see how important it really all is. This is what the “Jesus Seriously” series is all about.

Over 5 relaxed sessions, we lay it all on the table …

1. Why is Jesus so central to life?

2. Can we really trust the Bible?

3. What’s the big deal about sin?

4. Was the cross necessary?

5. How does the resurrection change everything?

“Jesus Seriously” is for anyone interested in exploring the big questions of life. Everyone is welcome, no matter what age or background. Each session includes good food, good coffee and the opportunity for discussion and questions that really matter.


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If you are someone who wants to investigate Jesus – this is the first step you should take in the life of our church. To book in contact Tim Flint.

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