Special Religious Education (SRE)

Special Religious Education

Wagga Wagga Evangelical Church (WWEC) is an approved provider with the NSW Department of Education to conduct Special Religious Education (SRE), otherwise known as scripture in schools, in NSW public schools.  This means we provide approved and trained SRE teachers to deliver SRE in public schools within Wagga Wagga.

To ensure WWEC conducts SRE in NSW public schools to the highest standard, and to fulfil all requirements of an approved provider of the NSW Department of Education, WWEC has the following in place;

SRE Teacher Authorisation Procedure

WWEC members require authorisation by WWEC to become an approved SRE teacher.

WWEC has a Position Description for SRE Teachers.

WWEC follows a process to approve members. Click here to access the WWEC SRE Authorisation Procedure

SRE Working with Children Check & Safe Ministry Training

All approved WWEC SRE teachers must have a valid Working with Children (WWC) number and have completed the approved online safe ministry training as provided by the Safe Ministry Group; https://safeministrycheck.com.au/.  This safe ministry training must be renewed every two years.

SRE Training

In addition our SRE teachers are required to complete the approved online training developed by the Baptist Church of NSW & ACT prior to commencement in the role. WWEC funds this training for it’s SRE teachers.

The training, called the ‘SRE Essentials Training’, includes seven (7) modules;

Module 1 – Teaching SRE in Government Schools

Module 2 – Learning and Teaching

Module 3 – Preparing and Delivering Lessons

Module 4 – Communicating in the Classroom

Module 5 – SRE and the Bible

Module 6 – Lesson Observation

Module 7 – Values, Code of Conduct, Duty of Care and Education Department Policies

The training can be completed online or via zoom sessions (when available).  Further information regarding this approved training can be found on the Baptist Church of NSW & ACT website; nswactbaptists.org.au.

SRE Curriculum

SRE teachers must teach from an approved curriculum.

WWEC utilises the approved recognised curriculum called ‘Connect’, developed by the Anglican Christian Education Publications (CEP). The curriculum followed can be found at; https://cepconnect.com.au/curriculum.

SRE Complaints Procedure

If a complaint is received regarding a WWEC SRE teacher WWEC follows a clear complaints procedure.  Click here to access WWEC SRE Complaints Procedure

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