Gender and Identity

Written by Peter Blanch At an ever increasing volume, our media and our society are making much of the issues of gender and identity. We see it all through the news. South Australian senator Cory [...]

Foundation of Authority

Written by Peter Blanch The kings and rulers of the ancient world often did not live under law. They lived over the law and did whatever they wanted. When they made laws, they made laws for their [...]


Written by Peter Blanch The following is a shortened version of an article that I came across some years ago. It’s written by a Christian lady who is single, about singleness. With nearly half of [...]

Walking in the Spirit

Written by Stephen Cox In normal religion, the motivation for moralities fear-based. In gospel Christianity, the motivation is a dynamic of love. The apostle Paul spells out how we grow in [...]

Fathers do not exasperate your children

Written by Peter Blanch There is a surprising sentence in the Bible that says, “Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord” [...]


Written by Peter Blanch One of the things that we keep seeing in the book of Acts is just how big Jesus is. In the opening chapters of this book, the greatness of Jesus is highlighted over and [...]


Written by Peter Blanch One of the strongest motivators is fear. Fear has great ability to affect behaviour. Fear of sharks will stop people swimming in the ocean, fear of plane crashes can stop [...]

Extremism – right or wrong?

Food for thought SUNDAY 26th March 2017 AD We’ve all heard the phrase: “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water”. No doubt we’ve used it a number of times ourselves. Its a phrase that means [...]

Responding to Tragedy

Written by Stephen Cox It happened again.   Last week we woke up to news of another mass shooting in America, as a terrorist murdered and injured over a hundred people in a gay nightclub in [...]

Fruit of the Spirit ll

Written by Stephen Cox I often find living as a Christian a bit of struggle. What I means is that I have a real desire to love and live my life for God and yet I know that sin is close at hand. I [...]