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Written by Stephen Cox

In the gospel, we are recipients of God’s lavish generosity. The cross is the standard of God’s eagerness to give. It is the guarantee that He is willing and able to provide all that we need.


‘He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?’ Romans 8:32


As we receive God’s lavish generosity in Christ, we are, in turn, made a generous people. Ephesians 5:1 calls believers to “be imitators of God, as beloved children.” We imitate the compassion and generosity of our Father by taking notice of the needs of others and seeking to meet them. When we see the cross as the standard of God’s generosity, we understand that our giving, as well, should be marked by liberality, love and sacrifice. When we understand that God is happy in His giving, we too become eager and joyful in ours.


When we understand that being a child of God means being a part of the family of believers, we are happy to care for brothers and sisters in need. The gospel makes us a people of joyful, willing sacrifice.


When we understand the gospel, we are set free to give with joy from a pure heart. We no longer strive after the temporary treasure of man’s approval, nor are we consumed with the love of self. We give out of a compassionate, joyful heart that mirrors the heart of our generous Father. The money that we have is a gift from God. It is entrusted to us to use for the advance of his kingdom. Too often we think of our money as our own, to be used primarily for the pursuit of our own comfort, with perhaps a small tip for God if there’s any left over. But God calls us to invest the money he has entrusted to us in the things that last – the work of proclaiming the gospel.


It is one of the reasons why we never “pass a plate” around during our Sunday meetings, which may coerce you to give. Instead we encourage and challenge each other through the scriptures to grow in our generosity with integrity. We believe that God calls his people to a life of cheerful generosity. Generosity, with all that we have, is the right and appropriate response to the God who is – and will always be – generous towards us. Therefore, a Christian’s desire to give towards the growth of God’s Kingdom at church should spring from this generosity, and not from feeling pressured or forced to do so.


There are many different ways that members of WWEC can give to the work of the Gospel here and beyond. These include setting up a regular, automatic Direct Debit (details are on the back of our church outlines). You can give cash or cheques via the red toolbox at the back of the hall. Our preference is for members to give via the Direct Debit as this has the advantages of reducing the physical handling of cash, encouraging regular giving and helping WWEC in planning and budgeting for future ministries.


As you personally consider your financial situation, please:

Pray – Thank God for his good gifts to you and ask him how you can best support his work with the money that he has provided.

Resolve – How much to give and how often

Act – Arrange your method of giving


On behalf of the ministry team, we thank you and God for your constant generosity and support of the growth of God’s Kingdom here at WWEC.


In Christ

Stephen Cox


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