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Written by Peter Blanch

Have you ever wondered what life will be like ten years from today? We recently watched “Back to the Future” with our children to introduce them to some classic 80’s culture. When Doc travels ahead 30 years he lands in 2015, where people ride hoverboards and wear some pretty wacky clothing. The scriptwriters obviously got their predictions very wrong! Thankfully, God is in control of the future and hopefully we will never have to wear metallic jumpsuits, although hoverboards would be pretty cool. 


I’m also very thankful that God shares with us His plans for our future. He has made it very clear that in these last days, as we wait for Jesus to return, we are to dedicate our lives to saving the lost – helping more and more people come under His grace and salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ, for His ultimate glory. 


It is with God’s magnification in mind that we wrote the 10 Year Plan in 2011. One of the good reasons to write a 10 Year Plan is that it forces you to scrutinise what you are doing. It forces you to think ahead to possible future needs and what you might need to do now in order to plan for them. This year we have reviewed and updated the 10 Year Plan as a church family, and today we share the results with you! 


In the plan, we anticipate the need for a second service at WWEC in late 2016 / early 2017. In this past week our Bible Study Groups were given the opportunity to share their opinions about a second service. If you have already given your opinion, thanks for your input. If you weren’t at Bible Study this week, or missed the opportunity, please prayerfully consider your thoughts on a second service and fill in the table on the other side of this Food For Thought.  


The question we are asking you is:


In your opinion do you think a second Sunday morning service, a Sunday afternoon service or a Sunday evening / night service would best help our church to keep growing and reaching out to the lost in Wagga?


What are the reasons for your opinion?


Peter Blanch

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