Special Religious Education (SRE)

Wagga Wagga Evangelical Church (WWEC) enthusiastically supports Special Religious Education (SRE) in a number of ways, including financial support and the provision of teachers.

WWEC has in place a system of authorised initial and ongoing training for our teachers. Our team meets throughout the year to discuss teaching issues and behaviour management skills.


Process for authorisation of an SRE teacher:

Prior to initial authorisation a teacher will:

1. Complete WWEC Ministry interview.

2. Have their WWC number “cleared” by church.

3. Read the WWEC Church Code of Conduct for Working with Children and Youth.

4. Complete the Safe Ministry Leader Training Module.

5. Our teachers complete the six modules of specific SRE training required by Youthworks (https://www.youthworks.net/sre/sre-accreditation-training).

Training also includes awareness of the Department of Education’s Code of Conduct

6. When appointed to teach SRE in a school a letter will be given en to the school which clearly identifies the approved provider (Wagga Evangelical Church] and includes the name of authorised teacher(s), date of birth and contact details. The letter is updated annually before the start of term 1 or as required

7. The SRE teacher will seek observation and feedback from the NSW School’s staff


To renew authorisation for each SRE teacher:

1. The Church SRE co-ordinator will confirm that the WWC clearance is still valid.

2. The SRE teacher will re-read the WWEC Code of Conduct for working with Children/ Youth

3. The SRE teacher wll meet with the Church SRE Co-ordinator to review the teacher’s understanding of the ongoing SRE training required.

4. The SRE teacher will participate in ongoing training for SRE teachers. This ongoing training will include information from reporting the results of the review process which will be a part of the annual assurance process and include a description of efforts to address identified issues such as further training and mentor support.



WWEC SRE teachers work together with SRE teachers from other churches in the area, as part of a team, under a combined SRE agreement.

We have negotiated materials that work best with these other churches.

We use:   http://cepconnect.com.au/curriculum


At the beginning of each calendar year all curriculum will be reviewed for suitability by the WWEC SRE Co-ordinator.


Complaints process

About concerns/complaints:

Every SRE class has a teacher from the school who sits in and observes/supervises to make sure that children are cared for and that SRE teachers are meeting their obligations. If your concern is about something that has happened in a specific class, the best avenue is to approach the classroom teacher who can contact the SRE teacher or Scripture coordinator at the school your child attends. If the complaint can be easily resolved the classroom teacher will inform the parent of the resolution. The SRE teacher informs the WWEC SRE coordinator of the complaint and its resolution. If possible it is best that this be done within 7 days.

If the complant is serious, the issue will be dealt with through both the school Scripture coordinator and the WWEC SRE coordinator. This must be done within 48 hours. It is expected that steps be taken towards resolving the complaint within 7 days.

We work hard to make SRE a positive experience for all children who participate and are committed to working together to make that happen.


If your concern is about the choice of material, feel free to contact us through this website. We would love feedback on how SRE is perceived in our classes.


SRE teachers are under a strict agreement to conform to the curriculum they choose. While there is limited flexibility in how a lesson is delivered (eg whether you introduce with a game, or different activity, whether you tell the Bible story via animated story or laminated pictures, whether you get through lesson content in one session or two), each SRE teacher commits to sticking tightly to the goals of a published curriculum.


If your concern is about details in the material, please feel free to contact the producers directly at the following link http://cepconnect.com.au/curriculum 

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